New pottery studio to open in Fresno

Work is being done to transform the space at Bullard and Marks Avenues into a creative outlet.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clay is being centered inside Fresno's newest business Good Dirt Pottery Studio.

"We really believe that if you have good dirt, you can grow, grow straight up and be fruitful and do great things. We want to be that good dirt for women, kids, men, to anybody," said Jorden Collins, president of Good Dirt Pottery Studio.

Work is being done to transform the space at Bullard and Marks Avenues into a creative outlet.

People will be able to learn pottery, jewelry making, hand-building workshops and more.

"We'll be offering all kinds of artisan classes. You can learn how to propagate plants. We'll have people teaching macrame, jewelry making art painting," said co-owner Christy Manning.

They will also have an area set up to market products and place them for sale online.

The four friends were inspired to start the business after mission trips, including one to Barbuda.

"We brought some clay, and we brought fabric, some sewing machines and kilns, and we taught these local women to make beads, pillows. They were so inspired, we thought, why couldn't we do this in our own community?" Collins said.

The women were able to sell their handmade goods, and they hope to help others learn skills, too.
They have plans to do virtual lessons with groups around the world.

They say their business concept has come together even during this challenging time, and they're looking toward the future.

"So I really think we have come at a great time to hit where people are. They want to linger and be together, and so they can sit around the table, have fun and create," Manning said.

People can attend classes, drop-in, or sign up for a $200 monthly membership that comes with benefits.

A creative business with a purpose to empower others.

Good Dirt Pottery Studio hopes to have its soft opening at the end of April or the beginning of May.
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