Good Sports: Madera's Torres High builds sports culture

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ByAlec Nolan via KFSN logo
Saturday, November 5, 2022
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Building school traditions can be hard, especially when you're the new kid on the block. This is how Matilda Torres high is backing its young football team.

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- In just its third year of existence, Matilda Torres high school in Madera is already building a strong football culture.

"I think it says we're doing things the right way," said Toros head football coach Joe Marquez.

With just five seniors on the team - the Toros have had to work from the bottom up to show they can hang with the rest of the valley.

"You know we're out here working hard and trying to teach kids to do the right thing, give everything they've got and it's starting to pay off," Marquez says.

Under Marquez - the Toros finished with a 7-3 regular season record.

Paving the way for a playoff berth and a following that continues to grow.

"It's all about showings kids examples of what we can do, and what we can create.," says Matilda Torres activities director Bryan Speed.

As the school's activities director, Speed has helped create a student section that's more of an experience.

"So we'll just have a huge brainstorm, we always want to have a theme for our student section. We always want to have something big that people can see from the other side for example doing a powder toss," Speed says.

"You give each student a little cup of powder and then you time it so sometimes we'll do it to a breakdown in music sometimes we'll do it to a chant and then you just let the student section this is your cue to throw everything in the air."

An atmosphere the players can feed off...

"You know we do feel the energy on the field," Marquez says. "So when our student section is going crazy and real loud and the stadium's shaking it definitely brings us a little more energy and it allows us to play better so we appreciate it."

With a playoff matchup against Reedley just on the horizon, Speed is preparing for all hands on deck.

"There's nothing new that we're going to be doing but it's just really heightening that spirit having good music, having a good time, and just making it a party as we celebrate our team going to the next level," Speed says