Governor Gavin Newsom visits Fresno as part of California homelessness tour

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's an ongoing problem up and down the state and one the governor is fighting to fix.

Gov. Gavin Newsom made a stop in Fresno Wednesday during his week-long tour aimed at combating homelessness.

He visited the Exodus Recovery Center, where many who have been homeless receive help.

While there, Newsom announced more than six hundred million dollars will be dispersed across the state, with a little more than eleven million going to the city and county of Fresno to help tackle the issue.

"Enough is enough," Newsom said. "This issue is a crisis. It's a state of emergency. People are dying on the streets and sidewalk. There's no compassion."

Mayor Lee Brand says the city would have to decide where to appropriate the funds, but it'll likely go to filling beds, triage and transitional housing.

"We can't put people in a warehouse and have them going back and forth," Brand said. "We have to have a back door that ultimately will lead to permanent housing."

The CEO of the Fresno Rescue Mission says the Housing First approach won't be the fix-all solution, and the money should also go toward more rehabilitation and services.

The governor will now continue his tour as he makes his way to Oakland.

Newsom also wants to add a new amendment on the November ballot, requiring cities and counties to have real plans of action to address the homeless issue.
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