Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: ABC30's Brianna Ruffalo, Brandon Johansen fly the Millennium Falcon

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ever wanted to fly Han Solo's Millennium Falcon? Well, here's what it looks like!

Smuggler's Run at Galaxy's Edge lets you become a pilot, gunner or engineer aboard the iconic ship.

ABC30's Brianna Ruffalo and Brandon Johansen took a spin inside the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, where they got to step behind the controls in the cockpit.

"It's really fulfilling that fantasy that people have had for 40 years of flying the Millennium Falcon," said senior consulting designer Casey Ging.

Each role has interactive jobs to do during the mission.

"And you're actually flying the thing. If you go left, the ship will go left." Ging said. "If you take damage from oncoming TIE fighters you have to repair the ship. It's the most immersive interaction we've ever completed."

Brianna: "Is it done?!"

Brandon: "No, not done!"

The team behind the ride worked closely with LucasFilm to ensure authenticity in every detail.

Watch Brianna and Brandon fly the Millennium Falcon in the video above.
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