Former Hanford student returns to district as new superintendent

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- The school year is off to a strong start for the Hanford Joint Union High School District and they're welcoming a familiar face back to the classroom.

You might recognize the new superintendent because he's a former Hanford student.

"A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same," said HJUHSD Superintendent Dr. Victor Rosa.

For Dr. Rosa the hallways of the Hanford School District are a welcome sight.

"All those memories come flooding back," added Rosa. "Things you forget you even experienced, it's really neat to be back home walking the halls."

A former Lakeside and Hanford High Student, Victor is no stranger to the community, but making his way back wasn't easy.

"I spoke a little bit of English because my siblings were in school," said Rosa, "but not the type you need to be really successful."

He said it's thanks to a great group of teachers that he was able to succeed.

"By the time I got to high school no accent," added Rosa.

After finishing his schooling in Southern California, Victor spent years working in education as a teacher, principal and Dean before coming back to Hanford this summer as a Superintendent.

Now he's got his sights on supporting their students and keeping up with the expanding Hanford community.

"We want to train kids to deal with all of those outside forces that are hitting them on a daily basis," continued Rosa, "and how to turn that around and use it as a positive."
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