Hanford man sentenced to 10 years in prison for devastating Christmas Day crash

A large group of Raymond Romero Jr.'s family exited the Kings County Courthouse after Wednesday's sentencing.

Some wore t-shirts with the last picture taken of the 32-year-old Hanford man.

Romero's cousin, ten-year-old Louis Romero Jr. also came to court.

He spent a month in the hospital with major injuries following the Christmas Day crash.

His mother says he'll never be normal again.

Romero's sons and his fiancé were also injured.

Miranda Garza delivered their baby girl later that night via emergency C-section.

Garza says while their sons are doing better now, all they do is see her cry.

"It's just hard for me," Garza said. "It's hard for me to follow in his footsteps because he had such a strong mind and he helped guide me through everything."

Cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom as a judge sentenced Angel Castillo to ten years in prison.

Ten months ago, Castillo ran a red light and crashed into the car carrying Romero and his family.

They were coming back from a family Christmas party in Corcoran and were almost home.

Castillo and a passenger, Abraham Chavez, left the scene.

Last week, family members say Chavez was sentenced to 44 months in prison.

Family members say ten years isn't enough for Castillo, a coward who should have stayed at the crash scene to help.

He'll have a life after prison, while their days, especially Christmas, will never be the same.

But now that this part is over, they think they can begin to heal together.

"I don't know, everything in my house is still the same since Christmas," said Raymond's mother Diana Nevarez. "And now today we're going to move on today and let Raymond rest, and we're going to celebrate his life..."
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