Family hopes for answers as deputies continue month-long search for missing Fresno man

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A search for a man in Fresno County is underway.

Deputies and volunteers with the Fresno County Search and Rescue (SAR) Team are searching the wilderness for 65-year-old Hans Lamaack.

He was last seen in Fresno on August 30, 2019, after his adult children had not heard from him.

"It's very unusual for him as he mentioned my sister had ACL surgery and he always keeps in touch in our lives, you know as his children. On a weekend basis one of us would be in contact with him," said Lmaack's daughter, Mareike.

The family reported him missing to the Fresno Police Department, but there were no leads until September 20-21.

A bicyclist riding in a remote area of Trimmer Springs Road saw a Volvo parked with no one around. The cyclist thought it seemed out of place and took down the license plate number. He later reported it to law enforcement.

Fresno Police discovered the plate matched a vehicle in its missing person case. Police asked the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to investigate the area.

On the 24th, Fresno County deputies found Lamaack's car, a 2001 Volvo parked near Garnet Dike Campground, which is located along the upper Kings River near Balch Camp.

Now, search teams are actively looking in this area for any sign of Lamaack.

The family is grateful for the person who reported their dad's car.

A few weeks ago a bicyclist noticed a Volvo parked in a remote area near Garnet Dike Campground along the upper Kings River Near Balch Camp.

Fresno County Sheriff's Office

"In the world it kind of restores that little bit of humanity knowing that we all kind of are keeping an eye on each other. It reinforces we should keep doing that," Mareike said.

They are also trying to avoid speculating why their dad is missing.

"For us, it's more helpful to stay positive in that regard we would like to focus on the information we do have," she explained.

Authorities have not been any new leads since finding Lamaack's car.

"To be honest it sucks... you don't know where he is at, so that sucks, (we) have limited (resources), so that sucks too," said Hans' son, Sven. "We've basically done everything we can. It sucks. There is really no way to explain because it's still occurring."

The family, along with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, is asking anyone with information to come forward.

"If anyone was camping around that time, or if they didn't think something was right but thought nothing of it, they can contact the sheriff's (office)," Sven said. "Any little thing helps."

It is possible he was in this area near the Kings River as early as Labor Day weekend. Lamack is described as being 6'1" and165 pounds with brown eyes and gray hair.

The sheriff's office is asking the public to call 559-600-3111, if they have any information about seeing Lamaack or his vehicle between August 30th and September 24th.
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