Atwater woman launches mobile plant company

Plants of all shapes and sizes can be found stocked at Happy Leaf Plant Company in Atwater.
ATWATER, Calif. (KFSN) -- A North Valley woman has found a way to turn a hobby into a budding business.

Plants of all shapes and sizes can be found stocked at Happy Leaf Plant Company in Atwater.

"Plants are addicting. Once you have one, it's hard to stop," said Jennifer Heinrich, owner of Happy Leaf Plant.

She launched her business during the pandemic when the office where she works sent people home to do their jobs remotely.

Uncertain about her future, she took matters into her own hands.

"What better way to be self-sufficient than making money off of plants that you're growing," Heinrich said. "I think it was this combination of everything: longtime interest and timing and being able to spend more time with my kid."

In July, she launched her mobile shop.

Her growing business now takes her around Merced County and Turlock, where she delivers plants to you.

"As hard as it to say, the pandemic was good for me. It was really good for me. It gave me something I didn't have before," Heinrich said.

She was able to cultivate her passion and spend time with her daughter.

Customers can also find Happy Leaf Plant Company at pop-up events. Her next sale will be at The Tarmac taproom in Atwater on May 1.

Heinrich says she loves connecting with customers in person and on social media, and she's thankful for the new purpose this business has given her.

"I just love being outside. I want to be in the sunshine. I want to get my hands dirty. I want a job that's more physical and gets me out there talking to people, and this gives me all of that, and I'm having a good time," Heinrich said.

If the business keeps growing, Heinrich hopes one day to launch a store in the North Valley.

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