Air Pollution Control District has issued an air quality alert

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As massive wildfires continue to sweep through the state, producing large flames and heavy smoke -- much of that sooty haze has found its way to the Central Valley.

"We can't really predict hours in advance. What we've been telling individuals is if they see smoke and smell smoke they need to take those precautionary measures," said Maricela Velasquez.

Although air quality has improved since Wednesday -- experts say smoke remains high in our atmosphere and can come down to impact our region at any moment.

"Being in the central valley it's already one of the worst polluted regions in the whole nation, so adding fires to that can only make things worse," said University Pediatric Specialist Dr. Paul.

Pediatric lung specialist Dr. Do at USCF Fresno says you don't have to have asthma to be affected by poor air quality. According to reports, in just the past two days -- fires in California's Wine Country have produced as much small particulate matter as all the vehicles in the state produce in a year and the worst part is - we are all breathing it in

"I would recommend if you go outside its obviously affecting your breathing. Try to remain indoors as much as possible," said Dr. Paul.

Fresno unified canceled all outdoor activities Wednesday after our air quality reached unhealthy levels. Kids were once again allowed outside Thursday and the district was anticipating to play a high school football at McLane stadium in the evening if the smoky conditions stayed away.

"As of right now we're good but if the winds change and we get smoke blown into the valley...we'll hold off on making any changes until later this afternoon," said FISD Athletic Director Brett Mar.
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