Allergy season this year will be rough due to wet winter in Central Valley

Sunshine and warmer temperatures are letting flowers and certain trees bloom and that's creating a jump start on allergy season.

But our wet winter is also to blame.

"With the rain and moisture we have been seeing more mold issues but also with the weather changes and changes in pressure they have been impacting respiratory problems," said Dr. A.M. Aminian, Allergy Institute.

He has already seen an increase in patients, both adults, and children.

He pointed out warmer conditions with cold and flu season still going on will make this allergy season a long one.

And it will likely get worse in April and May when pollen levels peak.

"Remember that pollen comes out in the early morning hours. So if you go running and you have allergies you are going to be effective more. If the pollen count is very high these days you may want to rethink about being outdoors or not," said Dr. Aminian.

He also recommended that allergy sufferers use a nasal rinse, take a shower before bed to wash off the pollen.

Plus continue to take theirs over the counter or prescription medication.

Some people in Woodward Park Thursday morning were following that advice.

"When there is a lot of pollen out I don't go out. Other than that I take Claritin every day. Even when it is not allergy season. It just keeps my system built up. So I don't suffer when the allergies are really bad," said Hop Igler, Fresno.
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