Annual St. Baldricks shaving event at Valley Children's Hospital

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- One volunteer after another took a seat to take a stand against childhood cancer, shaving their heads to raise money for research.

"We want all children to survive cancer and today is about celebrating them and acknowledging the team that's helping them get through this," said Valley Children's Hospital Molly Fagundes.

At least 15 people shaved their heads at the St. Baldricks event. Siri Shanker decided to volunteer after her daughter was diagnosed with cancer in March.

"We're here today for our daughter Anya, so my husband and I and her grandma are here to get our head shaved. We want to show her that bald is beautiful and she has support," said Shankar.

Gina Moffat says Saturday's event was for her son, Kobe Garcia, who died in 2012 from cancer.

Through the event, she keeps her son memory alive, bringing joy to other young patients going through the same diagnosis.

"Having it here at the hospital. The kids that are stuck inside and are not feeling good, get to come down and enjoy the event, participate--because it's all about them," said Lead Coordinator Gina Moffat.

Moffat's other son, Devon Van Loon, shaved his head to honor his brother, hoping to send a message to other patients.

"I hope they feel good self-esteem and that if you're bald, you're a hero," said Van Loon.

People who went to the event enjoyed photo ops and games. Volunteers hoped to raise $10,000.

However, volunteers say the ultimate goal was to help so many children facing cancer smile, and make them feel like a superhero throughout their battle.
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