Bad air quality has health experts warning Valley residents

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Experts say those warmer than usual temperatures and lack of rain are adding to our health woes.

The smoggy haze settling over the Valley isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so the health cautionary statement issued by the Valley Air Pollution Control District last week remains in effect.

"When the pressure builds and pollution stagnates we end up with an increase in particulate pollution so that means you'll see particulate matter rise," Heather Heinks said.

Particulates are microscopic particles of soot and ash which can get into your lungs and bloodstream and lead to health problems. Instead of these smoky conditions, our winter weather should be cooler with an occasional storm and breeze to help clean the air.

"This warm air that we have has several impacts on the people's health. Number one, when we don't have enough rain, you know, the cold and viruses are going to spread faster," Dr. A.m. Aminian said. "The third problem is that with this warm weather we're going to have the allergy season way too early."

Dr. Aminian says without a cool breeze we end up breathing in all the stagnant dirty air.

Some trees and plants confused by the sunny skies are blossoming earlier than usual. But right now poor air quality is a bigger concern.

"That's where it gets tricky. You want to go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It's early for that kind of great weather but pay attention to air quality levels. Know what your limits are," Heinks said.

Doctors advise before going outdoors, monitor your neighborhoods air quality. You can do so using the Valley Air District's real-time Air Advisory Network.
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