6-month-old girl from California believed to be 1st to contract both COVID-19 and rare disease

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- A northern California baby is believed to be the first recorded diagnosis of a child having both the novel coronavirus and Kawasaki disease, a case study reveals.

6-month-old Zara was about to be released from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto for a rare condition called Kawasaki disease before she tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

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She tested positive March 16, just before the Bay Area's COVID-19 related shelter-in-place order.

Zara's mother said her daughter had rashes, swelling, red eyes and a dangerously high fever. Doctors said she would get better in five days, but that didn't happen.

"Her fever was still there, even though we were giving her Tylenol and the rashes were also getting very big and her hands and legs started kind of swelling," Zara's mother, Mahera said.

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Doctors are warning parents to seek immediate care for kids who show any of these symptoms.

In a case study set to publish in June, "COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease: Novel Virus and Novel Case" was pre-published online, gaining urgency in the past few weeks when children in New York had been hospitalized for a mysterious disease being described as "pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome."

It's unclear just yet if Zara's condition is that same as a mysterious illness that's affecting children in several states.

Zara is now home and no longer sick, her mother says.
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