Coalinga Regional Medical Center's emergency department officially closes

COALINGA, Calif. (KFSN) -- The emergency department of the Coalinga Regional Medical Center is now closed. The ER closed its doors at 7:45 Thursday morning.

The emergency department and hospital were originally supposed to close at the same time on June 15th, but the lack of available medical staff forced the immediate closure of the ER.

People will now need to be transported to Fresno or Hanford by helicopter or ambulance.

In a previous interview Wayne Allen, who was brought in as the hospital's CEO just three weeks ago, said the hospital is financially insolvent and has informed residents and elected officials of its many challenges.

Like many other rural hospitals, Allen said Coalinga cannot cover the costs associated with inpatient services.

"The inpatient model is kind of broken in rural America," Allen said. "It's difficult to finance and get the staffing resources in small communities and so the movement migration is towards outpatient care."

The rural health clinic and skilled nursing facility will both remain open until next month.
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