Ditching your double chin with Kybella treatments

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A common facial feature that can make you self-conscious can be erased with a new procedure. It takes away a "double chin" without surgery.

Margaret Murray is always on the go, as a mother, a grandmother and a medical assistant in Fresno. So the 39-year-old wants to look as young as she feels.

She explained, "As I'm aging, I'm seeing under my chin, I'm getting a little pocket of fat!"

Margaret is undergoing a new treatment called Kybella, to take away that chin fat. And she says it's already working. In the video, you'll see a before and after picture, you can see the fat underneath Margaret's chin is shrinking.

Dr. Katheeen Behr said, "Our ideal goal is always to give more of a seat of a chair, so you have more of a flat angle underneath the chin."

Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Kathleen Behr of Fresno is currently the only physician trained from Modesto to LA, in the use of Kybella. She says it can work wonders for those who've struggled to lose the facial fat that just won't go away.

"About 70% of people were bothered by the chin area or the fat under their chin," said Dr. Kathleen Behr. "And that can be from genetics, it can be overweight, it can be aging. And this is the only treatment that can be non-surgical."

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable of deoxycholic acid that can contour the chin area. Dr. Behr says the acid is found naturally in the body and when concentrated in an injection to the chin, it destroys the fat cells.

Ciarra Valdez is willing to stick her neck out for Kybella. She's only 20-years-old, but because of genetics, she's getting a double chin before her time. A numbing cream is applied in the fatty part of the chin to be treated. Then a grid of temporary ink is applied, to help guide Dr. Behr on where to inject.

Because there are nerves and muscles all around the target area under the chin, Dr. Behr says it's absolutely important to have board-certified physician, trained in the use of Kybella, to administer the treatment. After treatment, the area will be swollen, but that means, Kybella is working.

Dr. Behr added, "That inflammation is good because that inflammation helps tighten the skin that you see.

Kybella ideally works with 2-4 sessions spaced one month apart, for about $1,800 to $2,400 dollars for the whole treatment. These patient pictures provided by the makers of Kybella, show the permanent results from dissolving a double chin. Dr. Behr says taking away the fat in a little area under the face, makes a big difference for her patients.

Dr. Behr said, "When you help shape and define the neck you help a person look younger and thinner."

Giving them a reason to keep their chin up.

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