Exercise moves on the go

A lot of us travel, whether for business, or this time of year, for pleasure. One of the hardest parts of exercising is staying on track especially while you are away from home. You want to get the workout done safely and in a short amount of time. The most efficient way to do it is exercise in your hotel room.

Here are some strength training calisthenics that require no equipment just your own body weight.

The first exercise is a standing crunch. Put your hands by your ears bring, your elbows up tall. Breathe out as you crunch down. Come up all the way and over exaggerate the motion pulling your chest tall, chin up.

Next, stand tall one arm up and the other arm down to your side. Stretch your arm up to the sky, reach and bend at the waist while concentrating on the ribs stretching.

The last exercise is for the back. Reach forward like your grabbing the horses rains and pull all the way back nice and slow squeezing your shoulder blades. Breathe out as you pull your arms toward your body.

Always try and workout as often as possible even when you're on the road.
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