Fresno Knitted Knockers chapter first in California

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With each motion, a group Fresno women are turning yards of yarn into something great for breast cancer survivors.

Susan Avery said, "I have always knitted for charity, but this one touched me in a different way."

They're giving survivors a boost of confidence with these free knitted knockers, which are hand crafted inserts. It's a light hearted name with a serious purpose.

"No it's not a joke. This is a prosthesis for women who have had breast cancer surgery," said Jennifer Taylor. "It allows them to use something other than a prosthesis, which they're hot and heavy and they are very expensive."

Taylor started the first chapter in California right here in Fresno.

"I thought wouldn't be great if we could do something locally starting here in Central Valley, maybe it will catch on and move throughout the state," added Taylor.

She was inspired by Barbara Demorest, founder of Barbara underwent a mastectomy and couldn't have reconstructive surgery right away and needed something to fill an empty space.

Taylor explained, "I think just that light soft feel against your skin that's very sensitive after breast cancer surgery."

Each knocker takes about four to five hours to create and is made with the softest cotton. The group is looking for volunteers to help them create the inserts. Each year more than 50,000 women in the United States will receive a mastectomy and the group wants to help women feel more comfortable in their skin.

"It makes your heart stop," said Taylor. "It's something that is truly life changing, life altering."

Helping lift up other women, one stitch at a time.

So far the local group has made dozens knockers. They hope other crocheters and knitters will come forward and help them, help even more women in the future.

Fresno Knitted Knockers Facebook Page

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