Fresno medical center challenges employees to get fit for a good cause

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno medical center is taking on a popular new year's resolution for its whole staff.

It's challenging its employees to lose weight in the new year so others can gain a life-changing benefit. Mishae Martin of Fresno walks into work with a purpose. Every step of activity brings her closer to her goal in the pound for pound program, at Kaiser Permanente.

"It'll bring some goodness for me and also the community," Martin said. "So, I'm excited about it."

The medical center is challenging its staff in its northern California region to get healthy and lose weight. And for every pound they lose, Kaiser will donate a pound of fresh produce to the National Food Bank Network feeding America.

During breaks as a Kaiser medical assistant, Mishae can track her progress on an internal website which includes eating and exercise advice along with notes of encouragement from co-workers. And the hope is, a healthy staff inspires health-minded patients.

"To help their employees stay on track in the pound for pound program Kaiser offers a number of services, even exercise classes, to help their employees become healthy examples for the members they serve," said Candice McAleavey, a health educator with the hospital said.

We're trying to make others, our members, healthy," McAleavey said. "We're trying to teach them and tell them to be healthy, and the best way to do that is to be examples."

At the Community Food Bank in Fresno, CEO Andy Souza welcomes a program like Pound for Pound since the food bank is partnered with feeding America. "The Cheerios over my shoulder were donated at a national level through Feeding America," Souza said. "So, hopefully this continues to provide not only the resources, but the awareness for the families we serve, that there are healthy ways to eat."

Motivation for one medical center's new year's resolution to get healthy and feed the hungry, pound for pound.
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