Get in the posture zone

ORLANDO, Fla. (KFSN) -- Whether it was your mom or your drill instructor in the military, you've heard the order for years: "sit up straight!" But from the looks of things, a lot of us didn't pay much attention.

Wherever you look, we're slumping! Below is a report about a man who invented an app aimed at straightening us up. Especially when we are likely to slump over our phones!

How is your posture? If you're like most American workers, you slouch about two-thirds of every hour you're awake.

Physical Therapist Trent Nessler said "The body is meant to be in an upright ideal position. That's where muscles function the best."

Trying to sit or stand with your head and shoulders back and erect all day is tough, to say the least. After studying our postures for years, Posture Expert, Steven Weiniger, developed an app aimed at straightening us up. It's called "PostureZone."

"It lets people take a picture of their posture and measure it by seeing how is your head balancing over where you are standing," explained Weiniger.

The app also has exercises to improve our sitting and standing. He says an important rule to follow for good posture is ACE. Be aware of your posture. Take steps to control your posture and be in control of your posture environment.

"Your posture is your external expression of your body's physicality and how you look," said Weiniger.

It's not just how you look; it's also how you feel. One University study found that even a half hour of slouching can be downright unhealthy, boosting stress levels, depression, and even fear. While facing the world upright can enhance your confidence. Weiniger hopes the app's photos will be worth a thousand words.

"To help people strengthen how they stand ..." said Weiniger.

PostureZone works with both iPhones and Androids. There is a free version and there's also a professional version that costs $29.99.

LINK: Download PostureZone for iPhone

LINK: Download PostureZone for Android
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