Gifts that help out in the gym

FRESNO, California -- Exercise equipment makes a great gift for the holidays!

When shopping for a piece of exercise equipment I first look at what type of equipment best suits my needs: cardio or weights. If you are looking to build muscle I would first start with some hand weights. You can do a full body workout with hand weights alone.

If your goal is to loose weight you want to look at two types of aerobic equipment such as a recumbent bike or a treadmill. I almost always suggest clients purchase a bike. The reason I always choose a bike is it is better on your hips, knees and back. It is also an exercise most people don't do on a daily basis like walking so it works different muscle groups. Also just having something you can use for just about any fitness level is the best.

At times our fitness levels vary, or we might get an injury and not be able to workout. With a piece of equipment like a recumbent bike you can still workout but at a lighter pace.

I'm Rhonda Murphy with your Workout Wednesday.