Golf may help you live longer

Golf is a favorite sport for many. But did you know it might also help you live longer?

A Swedish study found golfers live about five years longer than non-golfers. One big reason: the walking!

"What people don't think about is the fact that on a given day of playing golf, let's say an 18-hole golf course, the amount of walking required can be up to two to three miles," said Daniel Munoz, MD.

All that activity can keep your heart and waistline in shape, too! Experts say you can burn about 1,500 calories during a four-hour round of golf. But make sure you skip the cart. A study done by Reebok found golfers who walk and carry their own equipment burn about 55 percent more calories than those who ride.

Another benefit: golf is also a mental game that calls for strategy and problem-solving. Studies show these types of activities may ward off dementia. Being outdoors can boost your levels of vitamin D, which gives you more energy and generates cell growth.

"Golf is a good example of an activity that my patients enjoy at any age really," said Munoz.

Other benefits of golf: it reduces stress, helps you stay social, and may improve sleep. It's also a relatively "low injury" sport.

So, you might want to pick up that club and give it a swing.
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