How many days in a row do you exercise?

How much time you need to log in the gym to see results.
We tend to think we should not lift weights on consecutive days, whereas we are encouraged to do cardiovascular exercise as often as we can. However, there is nothing wrong with lifting weights every day, just as there is nothing wrong with running every day. Muscles do not know the difference between lifting weights or running; the only thing muscles know how to do is to contract to overcome a resistance.

Whether you need to lift weights every day depends on your fitness goals. For basic gains in strength you need to lift weights only two to three times a week. For more advanced results lifting weights more often is required, and the training program can be organized using easy and hard days, just as with cardiovascular workouts.

Keep in mind that some experts recommend not working the same muscle groups two days in row, in order to give the muscles time to adapt. Working with a knowledgeable trainer is the best way to set up a schedule that supports your needs and goals while keeping you within safe limits.