How yoga is helping professional athletes in Fresno get ready for a long, hot soccer season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Once they were introduced to yoga, members of the Fresno Football Club couldn't get enough.

Blue Moon Yoga owner Britney Easton said, "We add heat to our yoga classes, which we think multiplies the benefit for them. So they're getting a cardiovascular workout which is keeping them healthy and strong. Maintaining their bodies, they sweat more, detoxifying their bodies."

The players take yoga classes to relax their mind, increase their flexibility, and add strength. It's impossible to not break a sweat at the Blue Moon Yoga Studio.

Goalkeeper Sam Howard spent the last few seasons in Sweden, so he needs to get acclimated to the Valley heat.

"Physically and mentally it's a big thing. As they've said, it's a pretty hot room in there. About 104 degrees. Kind of getting us ready for the Fresno summers."

Easton said instructors have also worked with the Fresno Grizzlies before ball games and practice to improve their flexibility and get them focused.

"For athletes, it helps to prolong their career for sure, and then it gives them like an extra edge because they are looser."

The Fresno FC Foxes have quickly learned how beneficial yoga can be in getting a leg up on the competition.

"Afterwards is the best part. You feel relaxed. It's like a reset button on your body. You feel relaxed. Your head's just gone and it's great," said Noah Verhoeven, Mid-fielder.

More pro-athletes have found yoga and sports to be a winning combination.
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