Keeping healthy with all that bad air

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The air quality was poor all weekend, and even though it improved a bit Monday in the Fresno area, the fog didn't help with the stagnant conditions.
Lingering haze and socked in fog are creating air quality that is expected to remain poor throughout this week.

Heather Heinks with the Valley Air District said, "It's a high pressure that's basically hanging over the Valley and if you can imagine it holds all the pollution that we produce pretty close to the ground, which means that you and I breathe that in."

Doctor A.M. Aminian says inhaling dirty air for a prolonged period can cause nasal irritation, coughing and chest congestion. It's worse when combined with several other factors.

"Right now we have three problems," said Dr. Aminian. "We have the haze and the particulate matters, we have the moisture in the air, and we have all the colds and viruses that's been going around."

The persistent bad air quality can cause even the healthiest people to have a scratchy throat and feel congested.

All weekend, most parts of the Central Valley were unhealthful and in the red zone. Monday morning Fresno and Clovis started with moderate air quality. But by mid-morning it climbed to unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Dr Aminian says outdoor exposure should be limited during spans of bad air quality. Exercise should be indoors and if you have to be outside, it should be only to get from one place to another.

If you start feeling sick, nasal rinses can clear the particulates before they cause inflammation, and there's one more recommendation you may want to consider if you have medium length or long hair.

"Because of the moisture the particulate matters are being sticky and stays on your hair," said Dr Aminian. "It gets on your skin and even you clothes. So going home and taking a shower and washing your hair would be very helpful."

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