Fresno doctor creates ice cream to help people with immune and gut health

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno resident Hilda Gonzalez has dealt with arthritis for years.

However, changing her diet and even eating turmeric ice cream seems to be helping.

"There's no pain there's nothing," said Gonzalez.

She is one of Dr. Manisha Mittal's patient at Moksha Holistic Center in northeast Fresno.

Dr. Mittal is a rheumatologist, but also is the creator of Golden Ice Spice ice cream.

Dr. Mittal uses eastern medicine to help those dealing with immune and gut health.

She sees people with leaky guts and other issues

"You are exposed to a lot of harmful toxins that the body and the immune system have to fight to get rid of. When you're younger, the body can somehow compensate but over time, everything gives up," said Dr. Mittal.

That issue caused her to think outside the box and create ice cream to help people. The ice cream is made in Tulare.

"Turmeric is the main ingredient, a great anti-inflammatory. A lot of data published that it helps with arthritis pain and also helps with keeping inflammation low in the body. So we wanted to combine that. We also use ginger, which stimulates digestion and get rids of the toxins," Mittal explained.

Other ingredients are blended to create Golden Ice spice. The ice cream costs $7.99.

She hopes to help people connect the mind, body, and medicine to help them heal.

The ice cream is sold at Moksha Holistic Center and in the future, Dr. Mittal hopes to sell it at health stores around the country.
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