Los Banos health clinic moved to a new site to improve patient access

LOS BANOS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Its out with the old and small, and in with a new and spacious site for the rural health clinic in Los Banos.

Clinic employees said the clinic will still be located on I Street, but it will be down the street from its previous site at the Memorial Hospital campus

with narrow hallways, and a mere 10 chairs in their tiny waiting room. Patients of the Sutter Health Clinic said it got a little tight.

"It gets very packed and you get very close to other families-- it's not always comfortable," said Jennifer Nunes, patient.

The new site has nine exam rooms along with a room for psychologists to see their patients-- compared to their previous four rooms.

"We're hoping to increase the number of specialty providers as well as increase to provide same day care for our patients," said Mark Munden, Rural Health Clinic Director.

Employees said everything down to the design of the interior is aimed at improving the flow of patients.

"By having four pods, we have a provider and an MA team with a group of patients," said Kristie Marion, Chief Nurse Executive.

At their previous location, clinic officials said they only were able to see 50 to 60 people a day depending on the how many providers were available. Now with more space at this new location, they are hoping to see double that amount on a daily basis.

Employees of the hospital said another issue is this clinic will help with is the heavy congestion in their 10 bed emergency room.

"Our emergency room is kinda over capacity. This takes pressure away from the ER and come here and have the minor procedures done here," said Doug Archer, Sutter Health Administrator.

They said the transition has been going smoothly, however, transportation is the kink they said they are still trying to figure out.

"There's not a current bus stop here in front. I have contacted the transportation provider for the county and they are on board with stopping here and in the future creating an official bus stop," said Munden.

The new clinic will open on Monday.
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