Many hospitals phasing out nurseries in favor of 'rooming in'

Newborn nurseries in hospitals have long been a place for new babies to get care while moms rest, recover, and adjust.

But there's a growing trend now to close the nurseries in favor of what's called "rooming in."

It's called the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, a program started by the breastfeeding industry to promote nursing and bonding.

Some local spots, like Pennsylvania Hospital, are already on board.

The idea is for the baby to stay with mom in the hospital room 24/7, and if she needs help, she rings for a nurse.

Dr. Amy Tuteur, an OBGYN, is pushing back on this with a new book, and a blog in Time Magazine.

She says rooming in can be unsafe, with some moms taking narcotics for pain relief, others recovering from c-sections - a major surgery - and she says some new moms don't have the luxury of help from a partner.

The hospitals on board are touting the new trend, saying this bonding time is critical.
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