Mental health residential facility set to open in Clovis neighborhood

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The first six residents of a mental health residential program are ready to move into a Clovis home in the Deauville neighborhood.

Dr. Matt Tatum runs Sierra Meadows Behavioral Health. He says this is the Valley's only in-home facility for mental health clients with private insurance.

"They're usually experiencing some kind of mental health episodes like depression or anxiety and are off of work because of their mental health condition," he said.

Dr. Tatum says a highly-supervised facility like this is badly needed in the Valley.

Some people were opposed to it opening in their neighborhood.

But Dr. Tatum, who actually lives down the street, has sought to address their safety concerns over the past two years.

"A lot of that was a stigma associated with mental health, misunderstandings about what mental health is," he said. "So, no we won't take people with violent offenses or criminal histories, or sex offenses."

The facility would house residents for 30 days, as they transition from a crisis center or psychiatric hospital before they can go home.
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