No crowds, no families at Fresno parks on this unusual Easter Sunday

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was an unusual sight at Fresno parks on Easter Sunday.

Gates were closed, security guards were posted at entrances, and there were signs reading, 'Closed to slow the spread of COVID-19'.

Every year massive crowds gather in northeast Fresno's Woodward Park for the holiday.

But this year the only people there were the ones enforcing the closure, forcing residents to break from tradition and celebrate in new ways.

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"Easter is my favorite holiday, so it has been kind of hard to embrace the change, but we are just playing in the backyard and the girls have little water toys out," said Alana Little of Fresno.

Instead of hoping to do different family gatherings, Little opted for a much more intimate Easter at home with her husband and three daughters.

The small festivities gave her a break from reality.

She owns local business Make Pie Not War and is doing what she can to stay afloat.

"The lord says love your neighbor and the best way you can love your neighbor is by staying home," she said.

Churches have also gotten creative with Easter mass.

Instead of people coming to them, they delivered it to homes virtually.

Legacy Church held scheduled livestreams for their congregation.

"Basically our church has become a production studio, the building is kind of irrelevant for meeting because nobody is meeting," said Andy White, lead pastor at the church.

Similar changes at other churches brought folks comfort during a trying time.

"I'm just really grateful that we are able to still see our pastor and we are still able to worship at home," said Little.

City parks will open back up this Monday, but for essential use like exercise. Meanwhile their parking lots will remain closed.

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