Parenting a Superhero

PHILADELPHIA. (KFSN) -- We're all proud of our children, but Dawn Zucca has extra special reasons for her pride and joy. Her son Peter, besides dealing with being a sixth grader, has lost a leg and much of his hearing to cancer. But all that isn't enough to get him down.

Despite appearances, Peter Zucca is anything but typical.

"He's a rock star, he's crazy, he's positive and fun," Dawn said.

You'd think losing a leg and much of his hearing to cancer would get a young man down. But all Peter wants to do is help other kids like him.

"I knew it was hard, well it was too hard, and I thought everybody gives their money to find a cure so I want to give my money just to help them," Peter explains.

And by the looks of it, kids love what Peter and the Peter Powerhouse Foundation are providing: 100 wagons.

"He's an inspiration to all of us, every time I see the wagons I think of him because he's really become a part of who we are," Ed Woomer, Hospital Administrator at Nemours duPont Hospital for Children in Philadelphia said.

While they can't prescribe a good attitude, Peter's doctors say his is a key ingredient in his recovery. And his mom says the best thing parents can do is support their kids' abilities and goals.

"He's my hero," Dawn said. "He's been my hero forever, just forever."

Peter says he likes, "Helping a lot of kids, raising a lot of money and hopefully finding a cure."

A true superhero to mom and thousands of others.

What's Peter's next goal? Raising a quarter million dollars to buy five cinema vision goggles for kids to wear during an MRI. If you'd like to help, please go to

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Dawn Zucca - Peter's mother
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