Response at blood centers in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lines were blocks long at blood banks in Las Vegas as residents rushed to do what they could to help the wounded. In Fresno, the Central California Blood Center saw a steady stream of donors, motivated by what happened in Las Vegas.

"I got out of bed last night about midnight or 1 AM and saw the tragedy in Vegas, I was completely heartbroken, and so I figured, instead of posting on Facebook or whatever else, I figured I am going to do my part and give some blood," said Jason Decunynck.

The blood center was flooded with calls and a steady stream of donors.

"This tragedy brings the awareness of how incredibly vulnerable we are and we always have to be prepared for the very worst, if it doesn't happen in our own community just stand ready to help as we are now," said Leslie Botos.

Those ready to help included Shannon Anderson who heard of a need for blood donations on the radio and rushed here in an effort to deal with the tragedy.

"It was devastating. It's so hard when it's in another country but then when it hits home-- it's even more terrifying--so that motivated you to give blood," said blood donor Shannon Anderson.

The blood donations collected here are not now expected to be needed in Las Vegas because of their suppliers and the massive donations made in Las Vegas, but blood banks try to always be prepared.

"We have to be ready for some tragedy as we are experiencing right now in Las Vegas and we need to be ready to care for the patient with Leukemia and heart surgery and cancer and people injured in accidents."
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