Songs from Broadway helping people get into shape

When it comes to exercise, fun is often the name of the game. But what if you could also live out a fantasy while getting fit?

For 45 minutes once a week, Shereen Ghandour is "hot stuff" in his Broadway dance workout class. In today's matinee, she's sweating to a song from "Priscilla Queen of the Desert."

"It's so easy to get into the steps, and once you know the choreography you can't stop and you just continue dancing once you leave the gym."

Rocking out to songs from top musicals, like "Kinky Boots", makes Ghandour nostalgic about her early dancing days.

"Who doesn't dream of being a Broadway dancer?"

From coast to coast we found gyms offering classes designed to "kick up your Sunday shoes."

Instructor Mitchell Wayne said it is a great way to shape up and re-live what you saw on stage.

"When you're with a group of people that are doing the same steps that make you think, 'Oh my God, I can do the steps just like I saw on Broadway.'"

Psychologist Dr. John Mayer said the classes go beyond cardio, too.

"This is a way in which people can escape and identify with being on Broadway. It's a great coping mechanism and we all need good coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of life."

Ghandour said the moves she learns don't end here. She's a girl with a dancing dream at heart.

"I can take this class into my future when I go out with friends or dancing and I'm incorporating steps."

Instructors said these classes can be so fun it really helps take the "work" out of "workout."
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