Stressed Out? There's an App for That!

BOSTON. (KFSN) -- Stress keeps more than 40% of Americans lying awake at night and the impacts can be felt both in our minds and bodies. Experts say the first step toward relief is figuring out the cause. Now, the answers could be at your fingertips.

Busy executive, Laurie Coots, feels like a new woman today, but she told Ivanhoe, just a few years ago, "I was a workaholic. I was very quick to anger. My life was completely out of control and out of balance and it was so frustrating to me to be this successful career person and not be able to get this under control."

Then, Laurie began using an online tool that completely changed the way she manages stress. She says, "Before you know it, you're on the other side. You're looking back at how you used to react to things."

Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium explained, "In order to change people's behaviors, you have to change their minds. It's what first responders are taught, to cope in the midst of adversity. And now, with meQuilibrium, you can do this in a private and highly individualized way."

Designed by doctors, the online tool and app works by pinpointing what stresses you out or drags you down and uses proven psychological techniques to lift you up.

"Nine out of 10 times you'll see that, if you just adjust your thinking about things just a little bit, you can get some real relief in the moment," says Bruce.

Now, 100 pounds lighter, Coots' life has lightened up. She says, "What I know now is that it's always about balancing. It's about making little choices along the way."

Forty-percent of users say meQuilibrium makes them feel more productive and resilient in just 60 days. The meQuilibrium app is free on iTunes and is being used by individuals and organizations looking to help their employees reduce stress in the workplace. To learn more, log onto

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