Unique fitness trend helping people jumping into the New Year to get into shape

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Your fitness goals for 2018 could have you climbing, jumping, and swinging into the New Year.

Synners OCR instructor Samuel Slosman said, "Try something new because the old is boring. We make working out fun but also give you a challenge."

Slosman is a personal trainer at Synergy Fitness Center, focused on obstacle course training. Workouts include using obstacles to get into shape instead of usual gym tools. The Spartan Race enthusiast wants to help others join in on the fastest growing sport. He said his clients come in all sizes and ability levels.

"If you can do all this stuff, weight loss is going to follow, you don't have to focus on that number. We get too focused on numbers, I want you to focus on getting over an eight-foot wall by yourself and people can see that."

Fitness that is taking you to new heights.

Company EZ Fit Meals in Northeast Fresno just opened its new location along Champlain to cater to those who want to eat healthy.

EZ Fit Meals Co-Partner Chris Garcia said, "A lot of it is convenience. We save a lot of time for our customers and at the end of the day they come because the food is good."

Food is made on site and then put into to go containers. They said their meals range from breakfast to dinner.

Customers say the food is helping them stay healthy in a crunch.

"You know, don't have an opportunity to prepare as much as you what then there's a good healthy alternative in the fridge for you," said Joshua Kruger, a customer.

Business for EZ Meals has increased with online ordering, a new location, and the New Year. So whether you try to eat healthy or try to push your mind and body to the limit. Every effort helps to create a healthier you.
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