Valley trainer a finalist in Next Fitness Star competition

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Valley trainer has been selected out of thousands of applicants to be a finalist in Women's Health and Fitness magazine's Next Fitness Star competition.

Dina Juve lives and breathes fitness. All of her 12-hour days start at the gym with clients and include a sweat session for herself. It's something she's made a priority since she incorporated working out into her lifestyle -- 20 years and 80 pounds ago. Back then, her routine consisted of Buns of Steel and Tae Bo.

"As I was working out I noticed that I felt better, my joints felt better, my muscles were becoming stronger, and of course I was starting to lose weight," said Juve.

The 41-year-old mother of four suffers from several conditions that for so long have impacted her weight. It all began with juvenile arthritis at the age of 6, and later on in life, doctors diagnosed her with spinal stenosis and an autoimmune disorder.

"I have a lot of health conditions, a genetic disorder that is against me, but I just keep moving forward because I feel so much better mentally, physically now than I did prior," said Juve.

Despite those hurdles, she's overcome her battle against the bulge and is using her success story as a way to inspire her clients at the gym she co-owns: Fitness Social.

"I've walked in those shoes, and I know how many times I wanted to give up, and I know how important it is to keep going, and so I'm their cheerleader," said Juve.

Her commitment is paying off. She's one of five women featured on the next cover of Women's Health and Fitness magazine. The winner of the online contest that runs through August gets a DVD contract.

"I just decided I'm here for a reason. This pathway has opened so that I can help other women. I'm just excited about it," said Juve.

A win for this Fresno business owner would bring her fitness journey full circle.

Voting runs through Aug. 1. Click here to cast your vote.
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