Valley will soon be home to one of the nation's top cancer centers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cancer patients in Central California must often visit several clinics or specialists in town, even out of town for treatment.

But the brand new three-story Community Cancer Institute at Clovis Community Medical Center will combine six outpatient clinics and will be one of the top cancer centers in the country.

Inside the MRI room, it's easy to see the attention to the details. The sound of the machine's helium pump will be offset by scenes from the sea and music, all in an effort to lessen the anxiety among patients.

"It's great technology because it takes wonderful care of the patient, says Medical Director Dr. Chris Perkins. "It does it in an environment that's not so intimidating."

The ceilings even offer a nice view.

The state of the art facility features the very latest robotic technology to treat patients.

Medical Physicist Ken Forster says the CyberKnife delivers radiation with pinpoint accuracy.

"By coming in from many different angles you reduce the toxicity. You reduce the dose to the normal tissues. They can repair, but we can still go ahead and kill the tumor."

The center takes a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment. Everything from blood testing, to X-rays, and chemo is under one roof.

Dr. Perkins says the center will allow many valley patients to stay home for treatment instead of going to Stanford or UCSF. The center will also conduct research in conjunction with UCSF.

Patients will be able to use the Community Cancer Institute at Clovis Community Medical Center when it opens August 1st.
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