Valley's first cancer treatment and research center comes to life in Clovis

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Construction crews continue to make steady progress on the Clovis Community Cancer Center.

In August, doors will open to this 100,000 square foot facility which will offer a centralized location for cancer patients.

"Today a lot of patients have to go to multiple places around town. We are actually bringing six out-patient clinics into one building so the patient doesn't have to go to those different clinics," said John Strubert.

Everything from radiation oncology to chemotherapy and support services will be available here once the facility is finished.

Clovis Community will expand its cancer services through a partnership with UCSF Medical Center.

"Bring in more industry trials where it's truly the cutting edge way of taking care of patients. If you don't have a research program it's very tough to bring in a lot of those cutting-edge treatment options to patients."

It will not be long before work crews will be replaced by specialists treating every type of cancer. This center will be able to treat patients more efficiently.

"If you're getting your care in the bay area, down in LA, your family has to travel out there."

People driving by have noticed the progress of the new building.

The three-story Clovis Community Cancer Center is expected to open this summer.
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