Workout Wednesday: Benefits of combining weight training and aerobics

It's important to get in a well-rounded workout that includes weight training and aerobics.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy explains how combining both can help burn fat and keep the weight off.

Rhonda says aerobic exercise with moderate intensity will help create a cardio fit and lean body.

She says it also helps create that endurance muscle that is so important. When you want to lose inches, turn to cardio.

Rhonda believes that if you also incorporate weight training in your workout week, you will like how your body responds.

She says if you are looking at getting stronger, harder, and tighter, you want to work your muscles with weights.

Rhonda says resistance training creates a fit, strong, powerful muscle. It is also important for bone strength.

She says it is important to incorporate weight training and aerobics into your workouts. The two combined will keep you fit and healthy overall.
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