Workout Wednesday: Burn fat, build muscle and transform your body

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Looking for a way to build muscle, burn fat and transform your body?

Well, local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy has some essential moves to add to your workout starting today.

Rhonda says when you are short on time and you want to get maximum benefits, go for the biggest muscles. They will help you get your heart rate up. When you use bigger muscles and explosive motions, you can see great results.

She says one of the major muscle groups is the buns and thighs. A squat is a very powerful exercise that works those major muscles.

Rhonda says to work on getting a perfect form; a wall ball squat will help with technique and flexibility.

She says to start with a few reps, and as you get stronger, do more repetitions. You can always add weights to make it more difficult.

Rhonda says if you listen to your body, you will get stronger and have more flexibility and endurance
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