Workout Wednesday: Exercise to feel better

Exercise is a great way to help heal the body from illness or injury. When we think of working-out we tend to think about looking better. Exercise is so much more than that, it's about getting healthy and feeling better.

A short consistent workout is better than a longer workout a few times a week. A power walk is so good for the heart and lungs. A short burst of exercise can really get your metabolism fired up and help tone muscles.

A 30-minute workout routine should include different components of exercise like resistance training and cardio training. When you change it up daily, it makes it fresh and fun.

For resistance training try to think about six foundation exercises. The exercises should focus on the areas that most concern you.

When doing cardio I would try and do two different types. Examples are briskly walking, biking, swimming, or anything that raises your heart rate. And always work at your fitness level.
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