WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Exercise to help you get back into working out

If you have been a couch potato this winter let's make a change for the better. Here are a few great ways to get some energy flowing and strengthen your body.

Bicep curl - Bench step ups:
Working with a low step, hold weights with arms straight down at your sides. Now step up onto the step while bending the elbows and bringing weights to the shoulders curling the biceps then step back down returning to starting position.

Triceps kickback - Lunge:
Begin by holding weights elbows bent weights tucked in at your sides, as you lunge back with one foot, raise the weights behind you while straightening your arms, tightening your tricep muscles. Return to starting position and repeat with opposite leg.

Wide leg squat - Elbow pivot:
Begin standing feet together, weights held in front of your elbows bent at 90-degree angle tucked in at your sides. As you step out to one side into a wide leg squat, pivot the weights out over your knees leaving your elbows tucked in at your sides. Return to starting position. Repeat with opposite leg.
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