Workout Wednesday: Few ideas to help with soreness after a hard workout

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Looking for a good and fast way to relieve sore muscles after a hard workout?

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy talks about some products that go beyond your basic ice pack and heating pad to offer relief.

Rhonda says muscle soreness normally occurs following an activity about one to two days after.

She says it is the result of using muscles in different or new ways or is you haven't been very active.

According to Rhonda, that is why on your first day of working out or changing your routine or even increasing your activity, you want to take it slowly and allow your body the time it needs to adjust.

She says if don't do that, you can become very sore the next day or multiple days after.

Rhonda says she likes to train clients at a lighter and slower pace to let their body adapt to a new routine.

She says if you find yourself very sore here are a couple gadgets she has tried.

A hand roller feels good on a sore muscle and you can adjust it to fit your specific muscles.

An exercise ball can get deep in the muscles and help relieve the pain.

Rhonda says the gadget that is the winner is the massage tube or foam roller. It is easy to use by yourself and it helps relieve those ache muscles.

She says just remember part of exercise is listening to your body.
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