Workout Wednesday: Importance of staying hydrated while working out in warmer weather

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You can enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities this spring while staying safe and healthy.

One way to do that is by avoiding dehydration.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy says there are signs to watch out for and has some tips for staying hydrated.

Rhonda says one of the important parts of warmer weather and outdoor activities is to plan ahead.

She says outdoor activities can be exercises such as walking or running or everyday activities like planting flowers, fixing sprinklers and all of your other weekend warrior challenges.

Rhonda says fitness looks different for everyone. With the warmer weather and all outdoor projects, it is easy to become quickly dehydrated and will make you feel sick fast.

Signs of dehydration include:
-Loss of appetite

-Flushed skin
-Heat intolerance
-Dark-colored urine
-Dry cough

Rhonda says when planning all your Spring outdoor activities make sure you drink plenty of water and take breaks as necessary. You can not enjoy your outdoor fun and activities if you are not properly hydrated.
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