Workout Wednesday: Supersets that are great for the legs

It's important to feel good about your body and the shape you're in.

Action News' local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares some of her favorite lower-body exercises for your legs.

Focusing on a specific muscle will help define it.

Let's take the legs. When you are working the legs, you want to try a variety of angles to get maximum benefits.

The first exercise is a superset, combining dumbbell squat with leg extensions. Begin with a squat to get the muscle tired. Then go directly to a leg extension and point your toes in three different positions.

Try to do 5 for each foot position.

Make sure you concentrating on squeezing the thigh. You want to take a longer rest before your next set when you are doing supersets.

Targeting a specific muscle, in this case the thighs, it will earn you the maximum benefit of a lean and defined muscle.

Remember always make sure you work-out at your fitness level. You don't want to go too heavy on this exercise all at once and remember to give the muscles time to repair and grow.
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