Workout Wednesday: The importance of keeping your ankles and feet strong

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Keeping your feet and ankles strong can benefit you in several workouts, especially when it comes to cardio.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy has a few exercises to keep your feet and ankles healthy.

Rhonda says our feet are the foundation of stability and strength so when training for a run or speed walking activity it's essential to warm-up our feet and ankles.

She says to start on a step or the edge of the treadmill to stretch your shin and calf muscles before you start running or increasing your walking speed.

Then on the edge, press your toes as far as you can over the edge stretching the front of the ankle and foot and hold for at least 30 seconds.

Rhonda says this is extremely important if for preventing shin splints.

The next stretch is a calf stretch.

She says you hold the stretch try to feel your muscles lengthen.

The last exercise is an ankle roll start one-way loosen it up and then go the opposite way.

Rhonda says to be gentle and work at your level trying to get the maximum stretch.

She says shin splints are very common if you try to run or increase your pace too much too soon, so stretch those feet and ankles to prevent shin pain.

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy feet.
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