Workout Wednesday: The importance of keeping your legs strong

Our legs are the strongest part of our body, and keeping them strong is important.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy explains why it's a good idea to lift those legs and tighten those thighs.

Rhonda says leg muscles are very strong, so you want to isolate these muscles as much as possible.

She says she likes using a leg extension machine to focus on the top part of my thigh. It is so important to make sure that the machine is set to fit you perfectly. When you first start, you want to keep your leg and foot straight for five repetitions, pivot your toes in for five more repetitions, then pivot your toes out for five repetitions and then finally straighten your toes forward for five repetitions. Then repeat for a second set.

Rhonda says when performing leg extensions, keep your movements slow and controlled. Hold your legs at the top of the extension at each repetition. By rotating your feet positions, it changes the angle and changes the exercise. You will feel it work deeper in your muscles. Just remember, to do the exercise slow and controlled.

Rhonda says to remember to follow the joint when you are doing these exercises.
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