Workout Wednesday: Tips on how to stay committed to your fitness goals

Staying committed to a fitness regimen is easier said than done.

Our local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares ways to stay on track to help you reach your fitness goals.

Rhonda says now that January is past us it is easy to get busy and let

She says your fitness routine falls short.

So, here are some tips to help you stay on track.

Start out first thing in the morning so you get your workout done without any distractions.

Rhonda says it is helpful to find a workout partner that has similar goals and is available at the same time as you are, you can work out together and keep each other accountable.

The critical part of exercise is motivation. Rhonda says she has found if she does something every day for 30 minutes she sees better results than trying to do something every other day for an hour.

Rhonda says it is easier to find the time and motivation if you keep your workouts short but consistent. Always make your fitness fun by doing something that gives you energy.

Try this circuit routine that has powerful moves:
-Start with these 3 circuits
-Uppercuts with lightweights in a wide leg squat
-High step and punch to the sky
-Elbow pivot with a wide leg squat

She says remember short, powerful, consistent workouts keep you focused on your goals. Finding a workout partner keeps you accountable and keeps your workouts fun.
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