Workout Wednesday: Wearable Technology

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches have been hot holiday gifts for the last few years and that trend won't be going anywhere in 2018. In fact, it will only get bigger.

Recent updates from brands like Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit have sent the trend to number one for the upcoming year. It is so surprising wearable tech remained at the top of the list this year.

In past years, there were questions about the accuracy of this technology, comfort, and fashion and the brands have upped their game.

Today's wearables track distance, and also provide heart rate readings, GPS route tracking, movement reminders, and so much more. With so many options, think first about which features are important to you.

Many come with Apps that allow you to challenge others to reach fitness goals and can be very motivating.

Whatever your choice may be, these are a great way to start reaching your fitness goals.
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