Kronos the dog loves to go swimming, especially on a hot summer day

LEBEC, Calif. -- A special California doggo knows how to beat the heat! Tiffany Hughes shared video of her dog Kronos in a watering hole on a hot summer day.

"Kronos loves to splash," said Hughes.

In the video posted on Facebook, the Australian cattle dog is seen whipping up a refreshing spritz with his paws before going for a swim.

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Speaking to Storyful, Hughes said, "We adopted him from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue." When Kronos is playing in the water he loves "swimming, diving in, putting his head in, and splashing," she added.

Kronos, who is partially deaf, has an Instagram page and YouTube channel that feature humorous videos.

Kronos lives in Lebec where it's supposed reach triple digits this weekend.

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