Protecting kids and seniors in triple-digit heat

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lemonade sales were steady at the corner of Willis and Goshen in Visalia on Monday morning.

Ronald, Raygan, and their cousin Alex usually set up shop outside their grandparents' house when it heats up.

They stay cool by drinking water, and sometimes, the lemonade.

"It's also shaded," Ronald said. "It's not hot for us. So we don't really have to sit out in the heat."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers infants and children a vulnerable group to extreme heat-they rely on others to stay cool.

The CDC recommends keeping them hydrated.

Never leave kids in a parked car, and make sure their clothes are light-colored and loose-fitting.

Older adults are also a vulnerable group.

They don't adjust well to sudden temperature changes and may have a condition or take medicine that affects their body's behavior in the heat.

The CDC recommends they stay in air conditioning and limit strenuous activities.

Luckily, the local elderly population can stay active in a cool environment at the Visalia Senior Center.

It's not an official cooling center, but is a comfortable place for those 55 and up to play games and socialize.

"I tell them to come in here where it's cool," said senior center volunteer Karon Pigg. "Come in and enjoy what the center has to offer for seniors. You can't beat it. You can't beat the price, the people are great."

"We do keep them here, active, and cool, and we also have a lunch program," said City of Visalia Recreation Coordinator Holly Ellis.

The center sees a slight drop off in attendance during the summer months.

But most keep coming back, despite the heat.

They don't want to miss out on the next new activity.
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